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About Live ScoreCaster

View current scores as well as live, updating projections from 50,000 simulations of the remaining basketball, football, soccer and baseball games with the totally free Live ScoreCaster from

After each play in an NFL, college football, college basketball, soccer (top leagues from England, Spain, Germany, Italy, French and USA) or NBA game and after each half inning in every MLB game, the Predictalator simulates the rest of the game 50,000 times to determine the projected score, likelihood of either team winning, ATS and O/U percentages, impact of all players and critical plays in determining the SU, ATS and O/U outcome.

All free live updates - with scores, play-by-play, charts and projected scores - are available below. Find games involving your favorite teams easier with My Teams or check out Recent Games. In the App (iTunes and Google Play Store), notifications are available to get updates at the major plays in the game to significantly change the projected outcome.


The Predictalator

Our models offer the most advanced sports forecasting software available today because they have the ability to account for all of the relevant statistical interactions of the players, coaches, officials, home field advantage and weather in each game.

Picks for every game, including our Play Value Key and Calculator recommendations for optimal bankroll management and access to the Play Analyzer can be purchased in the Shop or by game here.

6/25/2018 Highlight: May closed out as a very profitable month on Prediction Machine. Highlighted, "normal" or better picks in May were 126-68 (65% ML, O/U, PL and RL) across the entire site (baseball, basketball and hockey).

Following play value recommendations on the site, a normal $50 bettor would have made +$2,625 in profit from those picks in May. All playable May MLB picks generated a profit of +$2,027 for a $50 player.

With the postseasons wrapped up, all playable picks in the NBA Playoffs went 53-29 (65% ATS and O/U) for a +$459 return, while all playable NHL Stanley Cup postseason picks are 53-33 (62% ML, O/U and PL) for a +$604 return.

Picks and predictions on every MLB game, including pick confidence and bet value recommendations on every play are now available at a discount. See more.



MLB So What: Aces
MLB So What: Aces

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