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    Bessire: 2016 Class Rankings

    by Paul Bessire,
    Last Updated: 5/1/2016 3:49 PM ET

    Based on the analytics and data science we used to rank every NFL Prospect as well as leveraging the NFL Draft Machine, we present our rookie class rankings. All teams are ranked on rookie class impact in the upcoming NFL season. These rankings are a combination of overall impact, weighted impact from the top players and average impact of all players. This list includes UDFA signings as of May 1st.

    It's worth noting that this is the fifth season in the last six that the Cincinnati Bengals grade as having a top five draft in the league. This has certainly been reflected by the team's performance on the field from drafted players as well. Though the Bengals do not rank first (as they did in 2012 and 2013), Cincinnati did grab's third ranked overall prospect - William Jackson III - and top cornerback with the 24th overall pick. They also got #33, #39, #41, #44 and #94 in this class.

    Cincinnati is only topped by the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears (if you are looking for signs of objectivity in this analysis, the author of this article is a Green Bay Packers' shareholder who married into a Bengals' family - praising the Browns and Bears is not common or comfortable). Cleveland's volume of picks, a focus on play-making receivers and pass rushers and plenty of opportunity, gives the Browns the best chance to benefit in the short and long-term from this class. Despite a mostly different regime, this is the second straight year that the Browns grade as having the league's best draft.

    The Bears, who have ranked in the bottom half of these draft rankings for five straight years previous to this, ended up with the Predictalator's #2 overall prospect (Leonard Floyd) as well as the best interior lineman (Jonathan Bullard, #8 overall) and a total of SEVEN players ranked in the Top 100 prospects overall.

    The New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles all failed to add any projected starters for 2016 from this class. That means that none of their prospects grade better than the players currently at their position. On the other side of that discussion, the Browns, New York Giants, Bears, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers and Bengals each added more than one win from this draft class.

    2016 NFL Draft Class Rankings

    Ranking Team New Rank Prev Rank Wins Added
    1 Cleveland Browns 30 32 1.55
    2 Chicago Bears 16 19 1.25
    3 Cincinnati Bengals 4 6 1.01
    4 Tennessee Titans 19 26 1.09
    5 Jacksonville Jaguars 27 30 0.86
    6 Seattle Seahawks 1 1 0.79
    7 San Diego Chargers 13 18 1.03
    8 Detroit Lions 26 27 0.59
    9 Washington Redskins 23 23 0.54
    10 Minnesota Vikings 17 12 0.45
    11 Buffalo Bills 9 16 1.24
    12 Baltimore Ravens 21 22 0.55
    13 Dallas Cowboys 14 15 0.92
    14 New York Giants 8 13 1.26
    15 Green Bay Packers 7 7 0.28
    16 New Orleans Saints 28 25 0.13
    17 New England Patriots 5 4 N/A
    18 Indianapolis Colts 18 14 0.09
    19 Oakland Raiders 20 17 0.19
    20 Miami Dolphins 25 24 0.48
    21 Kansas City Chiefs 11 10 0.31
    22 San Francisco 49ers 29 29 0.64
    23 Philadelphia Eagles 32 31 N/A
    24 Pittsburgh Steelers 6 5 0.02
    25 Carolina Panthers 3 3 0.26
    26 Los Angeles Rams 24 21 0.39
    27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22 20 0.40
    28 New York Jets 15 9 0.12
    29 Houston Texans 10 11 0.46
    30 Denver Broncos 12 8 N/A
    31 Arizona Cardinals 2 2 0.07
    32 Atlanta Falcons 31 28 0.07

    Above, we show each team's Class Ranking, Power Ranking and Projected Wins Added. Class Rankings sort by a combination of total value added and average value added to each roster. New Power Rankings add drafted players to each roster to instantly re-simulate Power Rankings and compare to Previous Power Rankings (Prev. PR includes Free Agency as of 4/28/16). Projected Wins Added looks at players in the draft who can start for the new team to determine impact for 2016 (read more here). If a team has not drafted a player who can start, it will not have any Proj. Wins Added. The additional wins are not for this season, it is how much better the team is against a completely average schedule over 16 games for 2016 with its roster now compared to before (hence, no team can get worse than it already was).

    See the 2015 Rankings with links to previous years.

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