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04/07/2016: NESN 1995-96 Bulls would beat the Golden State Warriors.
04/06/2016: CBSPhilly 76ers vs. Nova - who would win?
03/31/2016: Kansas City Star The 2008 KU team ranked 12th best national champion.
03/30/2016: MSN Which college basketball team is the greatest to ever cut down the nets?
03/16/2016: SportsNet Keys to a successful March Madness bracket.
03/15/2016: USA Today NCAA Tournament Cinderellas, sleepers and busts.
02/19/2016: MSN Three stats that can (attempt to) predict the 2016 NFL season.
02/07/2016: WSJ Which team is going to win Super Bowl 50?
02/05/2016: HoustonPress Super Bowl 50 - Five best prop bets
01/30/2016: Yahoo Are the 1999 Rams the best Super Bowl team ever?
12/21/2015: CBS The 1995-96 Bulls would beat the 2015-16 Warriors.
12/07/2015: USA Today Playoff Simulation - Oklahoma the favorite to win it all.
12/02/2015: MSN Losing Gronk would change everything for the Patriots (in the playoffs).
11/16/2015: CBS 3.8 percent chance the Warriors go undefeated.
10/26/2015: SportTechie Startup profile featuring
10/25/2015: MSN World Series preview, Mets over Royals in seven.
10/21/2015: NationalFootballPost Is it time to bench Peyton Manning?
10/21/2015: RantSports Which NFL team is most likely to stay undefeated?
10/12/2015: MSN Will the Lions go 0-16?
10/01/2015: WashingtonPost ATS Trends - read this before making your Week 4 NFL picks.
09/29/2015: NationalFootballPost Which undefeated team will win the Super Bowl?
09/18/2015: WSJ Daily Fantasy Football - NFL Week 2 Picks.
09/18/2015: Are Buckeyes better than Bama in SEC?
09/14/2015: WSJ A play-by-play look at the Giants' heartbreaking, brain-cramping drive.
09/07/2015: NBC UNT named best home-field advantage in college football.
09/05/2015: WSJ Who has the biggest home field advantage in college football?
08/27/2015: Chicago-Suntimes Bears have 0.1 percent chance of winning Super Bowl.
08/27/2015: CBSSports PredictionMachine simulation has Packers over Colts in Super Bowl 50.
08/26/2015: Jets will have a losing record in 2015 says computer.
08/26/2015: CSN Philly Eagles have a 5% chance to win the Super Bowl.
08/22/2015: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Yates as Falcons QB? Yikes!
08/20/2015: BostonHearld Patriots are in trouble with Garoppolo at QB.
08/19/2015: WashingtonPost Should RGIII or Kirk Cousins start for the Redskins.
08/13/2015: NationalFootballPost Fantasy Football Breakout Stars.
08/12/2015: BusinessWire launches Daily Fantasy Sports website.
08/06/2015: NewsDay NFL Playoff predictions by quarterback.
07/21/2015: CBS Shaq was right - proof Lakers greats would beat Bulls best
07/16/2015: USAToday Which quarterback should start for Ohio State?
07/06/2015: Behind the Bets ESPN's Chad Millman welcomes Paul on the podcast to talk all things MLB.
07/01/2015: ESPN Searching the numbers for an edge over Ohio State Buckeyes.
07/01/2015: Covers Huge underdogs proving to cost more than they are worth.
06/30/2015: Yahoo Which schools play better at home than on the road?
06/29/2015: FoxSports College Football Home Field Advantage Rankings.
06/27/2015: TribLIVE Technology is driving the sports gambling industry.
04/06/2015: WSJ: Wisconsin vs. Duke National Championship - Live Blog
04/04/2015: ESPN: Why the Nationals will win it all.
03/31/2015: Yahoo: Simulator says Cubs hurt playoff chances by demoting Kris Bryant.
03/09/2105: ForTheWin: The difference between reaching the Super Bowl and missing the playoffs is smaller than you think.
02/01/2015: WallStreetJournal: Patriots rally for fourth Super Bowl victory
01/28/2015: CBS: 50,000 Super Bowl simulations, one clear winner.
01/27/2015: Yahoo: Simulator runs Super Bowl matchup 50,000 times and the winner is...
12/19/2014: Star-Telegram: Bowl countdown: 38 games before title game
12/14/2014: ESPN: Paul Bessire on the Colin's New Football Show discuss Week 15 picks.
12/08/2014: FootballFour: Playoff simulation: Alabama vs. Oregon for national title.
12/03/2014: USA Today: Quantifying Florida State's comebacks.
11/25/2014: WashingtonPost: What would happen if RG3 and Andrew Luck traded places?
11/13/2014: SBNation: Computer says Marshall would go 7-5 in the SEC.
11/12/2014: CBSSports: Why Rob Gronkowski is better MVP candidate than Tom Brady.
10/28/2014: ForTheWin: If Florida State played in the SEC, Noles would go 9-3.
10/23/2014: HuffingtonPost: Game of the Week: West Virginia at Oklahoma State.
10/11/2014: SBNation: NFL Betting Trends Week 6
09/22/2014: HuffingtonPost: Game-Changing Plays from Week 3 in the NFL.
09/11/2014: USA Today: Playoff Simulation - who would win Oregon-Florida State?
09/05/2014: Huffington Post Week 1 Fantasy Football Focus.
09/05/2014: WallStreetJournal Oregon to rout Michigan State in College Football Pick of the Week.
08/19/2014: FootballFour Gauging injury impact of college football's top QBs.
08/15/2014: CBSSports Florida State over Oregon in first College Football Playoff.
08/15/2014: SaturdayDownSouth Predicting the final record for the SEC in 2014.
08/14/2014: Computer says Broncos get revenge on Seahawks in Super Bowl.
08/07/2014: ComcastSportsNet Bear's Super Bowl odds at less than 1 percent.
03/14/2014: USA Today 2014 NCAA Tournament wide open.
01/31/2014: FerrellOnTheBench 'Seahawks are the far more complete team' Super Bowl XLVIII Preview.
01/31/2014: 5 Fun Super Bowl bets you can win!
01/30/2014: Video of Paul Bessire discussing all things Super Bowl XLVIII.
01/17/2014: Paul Bessire simulates games to predict the outcomes of sporting events.
12/28/2013: Simulating a 16-team college football playoff.
10/31/2013: Odds Ohio State goes undefeated, plus odds for the other undefeated teams.
10/10/2013: Paul Bessire explains why Denver would be ok without Peyton vs. the Jags.
10/01/2013: ForTheWin Could Alabama beat the Jacksonville Jacksonville Jaguars?
10/01/2013: The expansion 1995 Jaguars vs. the 2013 Jaguars, who is better?
09/23/2013: The Trent Richardson trade does not help the Colts as much as you think.
08/23/2013: ForTheWin Can the Patriots win the Super Bowl with Tim Tebow starting over Tom Brady?
08/16/2013: Alabama to win National Championship per computer simulation
08/09/2013: Computer simulation predicts the San Francisco 49ers will win Super Bowl
07/10/2013: NFL Prediciton, Broncos will lead the league in rushing touchdowns
03/17/2013: In this video Paul breakdowns the NCAA Tournament and predicts the winner
03/16/2013: Dark days ahead for the New York Yankees, a look at the AL East race
03/12/2013: Simulation modeling predicts Angels as World Series Champions
02/01/2013: Super Bowl Underdogs, Are Stats on Their Side?
01/30/2013: A look at the Super Bowl with the help of
12/12/2012: What does a 16 team college football playoff look like and who wins?
11/16/2012: Jackson or D'Antoni, which coach is a better fit for the Lakers?
11/07/2012: simulates the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Alabama Crimson Tide.
11/02/2012: College Football Podcast, Paul discusses the BCS, Bama vs. LSU, and Oregon vs. USC.
11/01/2012: breaks down the odds that Bama, KSU, ND, and Oregon go undefeated.
10/30/2012: provides the results to Hypothetical BCS Championship Games.
10/04/2012: ESPN Insider Jeff Gold, Jay Kornegay, and Paul Bessire break down an NFL Thursday night matchup.
08/28/2012: has the SEC extending its BCS Title victories to seven straight.
07/26/2012: London Olympics, the 2008 Redeem Team better than MJ's 1992 Dream Team and 2012 squad.
06/21/2012: BeyondtheBets Handicapper's Hot Seat, Paul Bessire discusses the handicapping and tout industries.
04/16/2012:'s 2012 NFL Quarterback Pass Projection Model is discussed.
02/06/2012: Wall Street Journal's Live In Game technology explains the bizarre Super Bowl XLVI.
12/05/2012: Behind the Bets's Chad Millman and Paul Bessire break down the LSU-Alabama rematch.
01/21/2012: Wall Street Journal Determining which famous plays made the biggest impact in NFL playoff history.
09/15/2011: Wall Street Journal's analysis of the Jets turnover prowess.
09/10/2011: Wall Street Journal's win total analysis of the Colts without Manning.
07/25/2011: MSNBC Paul Bessire discusses the impact of the NFL Lockout ending on
04/26/2011: Boston is referenced during the Boston Celtics' pre-game broadcast.
03/16/2011: Science! Picks Your NCAA Champion
03/15/2011: Rob Holmes and Paul Bessire discuss value in the sports market.
03/15/2011: Pittsburgh Paul Bessire breaks down the NCAA Tournament. Who got the easiest and the toughest draws?
01/12/2011: Behind the Bets Paul Bessire joined Chad Millman on his podcast to discuss all things NFL.
08/22/2010: CBSSports Will Brinson and Paul Bessire preview the 2010 NFL Season.
08/18/2010: Behind the Bets Paul Bessire joins Chad Millman to talk about Over/Under Win Total Picks for MLB and NFL.
03/17/2010: NBCSports Rick Chandler of writes, "Prediction Machine will save your terrible NCAA picks."
03/17/2010: On the DL Paul goes On the DL with Dan Levy to breakdown the bracket and how the Predictalator works.
02/04/2010: Minneapolis-St. Paul "Number-cruncher sees Super future" by columnist Mark Craig of the Star-Tribune.



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