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Tutorial Videos

We have put together these tutorial videos to answer common questions, unveil new products, reveal exactly what is available for subscribers and discuss how to get the most out of our information. Each video covers a different element of our pick information, starting with the basic Predictalator Picks and in-depth analysis, continuing to the Customizable Predictalator and concluding with our new Play Analyzer tool (we're really excited about this one - especially since it was built from feedback we received from many of you during last year's football season). Whether you are a veteran subscriber or brand new to the site, we hope these tutorial videos can help you get the most out of


  • 1. Predictalator Picks Video - Learn how to evaluate pick win percentages and best use this data to optimize bankroll management.
  • 2. Customizable Predictalator Video - The Predictalator is the engine that drives the pick's. Discover how to customize this technology so that you can instantly play any game 50,000 times using your line and odds.
  • 3. Play Analyzer Video - Developed based on direct input from our subscribers, the Play Analyzer allows you to re-run a series of games side-by-side for comparison based on select criteria.
  • 4. ResultsFinder Video - The ResultsFinder is a useful tool for those looking to get the most out of this site by tracking the success of teams in certain circumstances as well as the success of the Predictalator straight-up, against-the-spread and on the over/under.
  • 5. Data Video - The second part of the tutorial videos on the Data tab covers Power and Team Rankings, Team and League Schedules and Playoff Probabilities.

1. Football - The Picks:
We review the Predictalator Picks. And here is link to sign up for Pick Availability Alerts.

2. Football - Play the Games:
We discuss how to play the games yourself and get the most out of the updated Customizable Predictalator.

3. Football - The Play Analyzer:
We present the new Play Analyzer feature.

4. Football - The ResultsFinder:
We run through the new ResultsFinder application.

5. Football - Data:
We cover the rest of the Data pages besides the ResultsFinder.

As noted in the videos, if you have any of your own comments about this article or suggestions about how to improve the site, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We respond to every support contact as quickly as we can (usually within a few hours) and are very amenable to suggestions. I firmly believe that open communication with our customers and user feedback is the best way for us to grow and provide the types of products that will maximize the experience for all. Thank you in advance for your suggestions, comments and questions.



MLB So What: Aces
MLB So What: Aces

Introducing Linebacker



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